Saturday, 21 February 2015

Theory to Experience of God!!

Dear Travellers,

I'm back after a long long time and I never knew my life was going to change so much.

The simplest way to reach the Ultimate is to drop all concepts of God we have formed in mind. As soon as that happens, the Real starts showing Itself.
The simplest way to move from theory to Experience of God/Existence is to first understand what everyone is running after. Consider this - you suddenly won a lottery worth 5000 Billion dollars - what will you do immediately after this? You will rejoice and relax absolutely. Eventually, mind may take over and you may start running after new material stuff, sex, travel etc. BUT the first and foremost is JOY AND RELAXATION. You are running after absolute relaxation and absolute Happiness - Bliss. Sex that follows Love is so fulfilling because it takes you to the state of absolute relaxation momentarily during orgasm BUT you can stay in that state forever!!!!

And that is the thumb rule. God simply IS - you just need to remove misery and pains from life and move to absolute FREEDOM, RELAXATION, JOY, LOVE. The way to do that is through Meditation. Meditation is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION. Ultimate pinnacle of Meditation is GOD or Experience of GOD. In ultimate pinnacle Experience and one who Experiences become one. You become the experience.

I got associated with School of Life in India. They have absolute modern techniques to take us into meditation. We have so much info in our heads that we are not able to sit absolutely relaxed straightway due to which we need techniques. And they give it mostly free - the highest service to mankind. You can message me to understand meditation and discuss experience.

All I can say in the end is THANK YOU, EXISTENCE for entering my life.
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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Where is God?

Dear Friends

Ask the above question to yourself. The answer is simple - God is within you. God is everywhere.
Everytime you do something wrong, there is an inner voice tries to stop you. That is the voice of your soul that wants to stay clean and soul is a part of God. God is conscience and energy and there is not an atom in this world without God's will! Also, conscience and energy coexist.

The question is how to prove what we said is logical - well, it is not very easy. For this, you need a person who is always true to his conscience and follows a truthful path in his own eyes. Every person in this world knows when he is deceiving his conscience. It is tough to find such a kind of person but if you do, ask him if he will like to earn lots of money by cheating a few people. If he is really following the true path, he will never agree to this. Ask him what happens if he does that, he'll tell you that whenever he deceives his conscience, something bad happens to him automatically within a few days.

It is true, you pay the price of your wrongdoings on this planet. I am true to my conscience and everytime I do something that my conscience forbids me to, something normally happens with me in a few days and that can be as small as eating a special chocolate of a girl to tease her!! Ya, I remember I did that and within a few days one of my very special Belgian chocolate got stolen from my place! :)

Be happy and be true to yourself. You will find God within you.


Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Undeniable Proof of Existence of God!

Humans cannot comprehend God because the dimensions we live in are his undertaking or in a way He is the universe and beyond. The closest understanding of God would be that He is the source of energy that is everywhere, in everything (atoms and less - living and nonliving, stars and more, space and sound etc.) and has always been, and drives this universe. Energy remains constant, only forms change!

I will continue with the series of articles that I started. Stay Tuned. :)

Logical Spiritualist!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

God and The Concept of Black Holes

Dear Friends

In my previous blog, I talked about relation between various Natural Phenomena and God. In this article, we'll further go deeper into religious philosophies and logically try to relate various aspects of those philosophies to modern science. We'll also try to deduce some conclusions that seem to be fundamentals of life but science has yet to unearth those.

The philosophy that can be quoted as the best example for this case is the Hindu philosophy. For people who don't know, other than thousands of Gods and Goddesses, three main and highest levels of Gods signified in Hinduism are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu is The Keeper and Mahesh is The Destroyer. Two most important aspects of this philosophy are the Yugas (The Great Cycles) and Life of Brahma. It is pretty amazing how certain numbers have been quoted and explained in a mythological fashion. Clearly those numbers map to some universal phenomena however, proof is beyond science for now due to the extent of the figures achieved! You can find various views about those great cycles here :

As far as the concept of the Hindu Trinity is concerned, clearly the sages referred to the Universal cycle. Let us take the example of Black Hole that is synonymous to Universal cycle in the best possible manner known to humans. The name "Black Hole" is very typical for something considered exceptionally Holy by one of the greatest religious philosophies of the world. We also find that Universal Phenomena is considered to be God and is considered to be of a much higher level than natural phenomena occurring on Earth. Hence, it seems that universal and natural phenomena are rated significantly on the basis of their level in the universe. However, one of the most interesting aspects of Hinduism is that those sages were able to gather those scientific facts and portray them with such lucidity in ancient texts. Even if the tales are mythological or universal aspects of God represented as physical beings are imaginations, it is quite amazing that almost all concepts given in Vedas can be mapped to certain natural and universal phenomena (phenomena that people did not know about even a few centuries ago!!!). It signifies that those people had exceptional visibility on how the universal energy functions, the same visibility that modern science lacks even today. The fact that the sages gave extraordinary significance to this Universal phenomena and placed it a level significantly higher than Natural Phenomena on Earth shows that they knew a lot about the Universal concept of energy and matter.

Clearly, Black Holes cause the formation of galaxies by supplying matter, then there is a period of equilibrium wherein Black Holes maintain the balance and in the end is the Destruction of complete Galaxy. The three phases of Black Holes map quite clearly to the Holy Trinity. However, the physics that goes inside a Black Hole is quite intimidating and of course, modern science still has no clue about that. However, it does seem that "This" is one structure where Mass is truly converted to energy and vice versa in huge amounts. It is very logical that The Trinity or Three Universal Phenomena are aspects (though at a much higher level) of The Single Source of Energy or The Supreme God and this single Source or "ParamAtma" as Hindus call Him is given different names on the basis of functions He performs. This was done by the sages to clearly differentiate various characteristics/dimensions of God and not for people to fight over which aspect is more important or stronger. Clearly, all aspects are required for evolution to take place. This also means that Black Holes have a very high impact on the galaxy and are actually the source of energy on which whole Galaxy depends - no wonder, the Three Aspects carry such a weight in one of the most scientific (yet misunderstood even by Hindus) religions of the world.

However, there is something else of such an enormous significance that I wonder how does every GodMan or religious teacher miss it. The concept of creation, protection and destruction is not only prevalent in Black Holes but in everything contained in this Universe. That means The Trinity is not only synonymous to Black Holes but to yourself as well. The phenomena of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh occurs right in front of our very own eyes and even in ourselves and we just disregard it because it is far too obvious! Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are universal phenomenon that indicate the existence of God. They are shown having forms just to make it easier for humans to admire the magnificent power of God but are actually formless. What this means is that God's concept is true for everything - smallest to largest. All things in universe are created, go through what we call life cycle and are ultimately destroyed. However, what is not destroyed is the Energy. This further signifies that everything in this Universe is inter-related and the concept of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh exists for everything. Now, we may call This Universal Cycle as many Brahmas, Vishnus and Maheshas (Eg: Many Black Holes) or we can call this Universal Phenomena as undeniable and most obvious concept of the Only Existent Truth.

In further blogs, I will talk more about the Universal aspects of God, Consciousness and Avatars and the role of the Universe in the all major Phenomena on functioning of life on Earth.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

God - The Logical Explanation - Part 2

Dear Friends

In my last blog, I talked about higher dimensional energies that form an important part of natural phenomena for humans. That includes Air, Sun, Fire, Water, Earth and many others. All these natural phenomena are normally linked to Gods and Goddesses in various religions. I also discussed appropriate reasons that signify that God does exist logically and there has to be a Single Source of Energy where all dimensions converge.

Since millenniums, humans have been awestruck by the forces of nature - Sun. Moon, Water, Fire, Sky, Air and many others. On one hand, nature creates and nurtures life on planet Earth and on the other, nature's fury can literally wipe off every single living organism on this planet. It is but natural that nature was considered as a form of God. However, along with that certain deities were also associated with nature. Those higher entities or deities may simply be higher dimensional forms or those may even not exist. It is entirely possible that those deities were imaginations of our ancestors so that every element, characteristic and process of nature could be worshiped. However, it is also possible that certain special higher forms of self aware energies or deities are able to actually control the natural processes (life and death, Rain etc.) , elements(Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Sky/Heaven etc.) and characteristics(Beauty, Wealth, Power, Knowledge etc.) of nature.

What we can deduce from above statements is that those natural phenomena are an aspect of the God and may or may not be specific deities. It seems that our ancestors imagined those deities in human form to make us more aware about the awesome powers and aspects of the Single Energy Source.

Hence, logically, it is desirable to associate all aspects of nature and any deities to The God (The Real Source that controls all dimensions). Eg: If you worship the Sun Deity, it is desirable to understand the fact that you are worshiping an aspect of The God and even if you worship multiple gods/deities, the God remains the same. The point I am trying to make is that many people keep fighting over whose God is superior and in all this they forget the fact that there is only One God (formless) where all the existing dimensions converge.

In my next blog, we'll further try to understand the natural phenomena and relate that to logical aspects of God's existence. We'll also try to understand why do people pray to Sun and other stars, Moon, Planets and Black Holes! Stay tuned for Part 3.

Comments invited.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

God - The Logical Explanation

Who is God ? -- Many people ask this question - sometimes to themselves and sometimes to others. But barring some enlightened few (that public follows without any logic), no one seems to know.

However, if one thinks logically, the answer to this question is very simple. It is only the realms of mind that one has to expand to understand God. First of all we all need to understand that there is only and only one God (I know this has been said many times) but, there are multiple levels of dimensions and hence multiple individuals or entities at various levels that do God’s work.

Consider this - A wooden table lies in front of you. If you want you can break it and end its life. On the other hand, a human created it as well. Non-Living things are thought to be non dimensional objects as they are not aware of their surroundings at all (or so it is thought). Bad or good surroundings will not bring about any change in them as they are not aware and do not reproduce. For those objects, humans, animals and even insects are Gods because those are higher dimensional beings. Similarly, humans are Gods for lower dimensional organisms including simple organisms, insects and animals because we do have the power to help these entities to sustain life and enough power to take away life as well.

Hence, God for humans can be supposed to be a higher dimensional energy that has sufficiently higher dimensions that humans in physical form cannot attain It is entirely possible that there are multiple levels of those higher entities that exist and may or may not have a physical form. However, above the highest of forms must exist the Single Source of Energy that has Highest number of dimensions possible, even infinite. That Single Source provides energy to everything in a very logical fashion (which we'll discuss in further blogs) and hence, every form that we can comprehend is a manifestation of that energy itself or it is that Source that drives everything.

Hence, all of us right from zero dimensional entities to higher dimensional entities are manifestations of God that can never be destroyed. The easiest way to say is that energy never gets destroyed, it is only transformed. Hence, God is the energy that drives everything. It is not a single physical entity but energy that exists everywhere (omnipotent) and in everything. This single source of boundless energy is timeless and has the maximum dimensions possible.

In many philosophies, Gods are depicted as physical beings that control nature and other phenomena. All those are energies in higher dimensions and every God in most religions can be defined using certain natural phenomena.

I’ll cover more on God - The logical explanation in second part. Stay tuned because the next one is going to be an eye opener.